Our Vision and Mission

The mision of SwissBiH is to contribute to the progress and economic developement of the countries of the region by offering foreign investors a complete support with realisation of the ideas/projects. On the other hand, SwissBiH wants to give an opportunity to domestic companies to place their services/products to the foreign markets like Europe, Middle East and the USA.

The vision of SwissBiH is to become a recognised partner with domestic and foreign investors by offering them counseling service using  the model “One-Stop-Shop”. We put a lot of emphasis on the public/social responsibility and  on the respect of human and legal responsibilities; we want to set a positive example to others which will lead to positive changes.

Our investment portal will be recognizible for offering the service of opening the doors of foreign market to the domestic companies. After the registration and analysing the companies that applied for this, the rest will happen automatically and without much paperwork (online).


Do you have any additional questions about this matter? We look forward to answering you inquiries.