Who are we

We are an international company (since 2001 in Switzerland and 2017 in Bosnia), that gathered in one place experts from different fields of expertise. All of our partners and employees have over 10 years of domestic and foreign experience. All of our employees have over 10 years of domestic and foreign experience. Most of our staff are bilingual and are well acquainted with the market in Bosnia, Balkan, USA and in the Middle East.

Our main goals are to connect business partners all over the world; to help foreign investors enter the domestic market; to give an opportunity to domestic companies to place their products and services on the international market. All of this requires professionalism and knowledge which our team has gained through great experience working for international companies.

We offer to foreign companies full services which include everything from marketing activities such as creating ideas, market research to paperwork / HR: such as staff employment, registration and company management. Find out more about it in our subsections, and if you have any questions or if you want to have a free interview contact us via email, social network or via live chat. We will make sure you answer inquiries within less than 8 hours.


SwissBiH je consulting / savjetodavna firma, sastavljena od stručnjaka koji posjeduju višegodišnje iskustvo u poslovanju na Zapadu (većina nas se školovala i poslovala na zapadu) a trenutno su uspješni menadžeri u kompanijama zemalja Regiona (BiH / HR / SRB / MK).

– Our goal: Using the method “One stop shop” we want to make it as easy as possible for the foreign investors to enter our domestic market and the markets of the countries from the region.

-Our advantages: We know no barriers such as: language, mentality, different business methods

Basic infromation:

  • Since 2001 in Switzerland
  • Since 2017. in BiH

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why we are different

Among many “consulting” services SwissBiH is known for offering a full service: One-Stop-Shop, which means that the clients will not have to bother with the common problems of the region (language, mentality, administration etc.)

SwissBiH makes contracts with people/companies/institutions which are familiar with domestic and western mentallity; members of our team speak foreign languages; so languages are not barriers to business.

All of our current partners are individuals/companies/institutions/ which are recognised and which have proven their expertise and professionalism in their branches. (all of them have over 10 years of international experience)

Do you have any additional questions about this matter? We look forward to answering you inquiries.